Aluminum risk in baby milk: Popular formulas can contain 100 times more aluminium than breast milk

According to a recent research also formula baby milk of top brands may contain levels of aluminum which are dangerous to children. These levels are much higher than the legal one for water. Previous research has linked aluminium to neurological diseases (such as Alzahimer), bone defects and dementia in later life. Soya-based and organic formulas are also under charge.

A research recently undertook in the UK shows the danger of baby milk formulas, due to their content in aluminium. Even English leading brands (such as Aptamil, Cow And Gate and Hipp Organic) are blamed of producing goods with a metal level higher than the legal one. Aluminium exposure can be linked to serious illnesses and pathologies: anemia, neurological diseases, bone defects and dementia.

The research, which took into consideration ready-to-drink formulas and powdered varieties, demonstrates that the soya-based milk was the one with the highest concentration of dangerous metals. The only legal limit existing is the one provided by the European Union, which is not based on health risk but on aesthetic consideration about the color of water.