Toluene is a solvent found in paints, cladding, rubber, resins, cellulose thinners and adhesives.  It has also been detected in various air fresheners and other aerosol products e.g. spray paints. It can also be a water pollutant in our homes.

Toluene has been linked by scientific research to the following health problems: craniofacial defects, foetal solvent syndrome, acute tubular necrosis, arrhythmia, cognitive impairment, mental retardation, delayed growth and development, fetotoxicity, hearing loss, hormonal imbalances, low birth weights, menstrual disorders, female infertility and subfertility, scleroderma, sperm defects, acute damage of liver cells, asthma, brain cancer, colon cancer, visual impairment, loss of coordination, genitourinary defects, immunosuppression, neural tube defects, peripheral neuropathy, stomach cancer etc.