DDT used in the 50s may cause obesity nowadays

As it is already well known chemical substances con produce long-term effects through some generations, as confirmed by the University of Washington in a recent publication. Experiments have been undertaken on rats but it is highly probable that the same effects would be observed in humans. These are called ‘epigenetic heritage’: modifications of the DNA which are not direct consequence of a chromosomes’ change but, by contrast, are consequence of exposure to chemicals, components of some plastics, pesticides, fungicides, dioxins, hydrocarbons, etc. The American survey stresses also the DDT, a pesticide widely and commonly used previous to 1972, when it was put out of law by the federal government. The third generation exposed to DDT pollution in the 50s presents a very high incidence of some diseases, such as obesity. This differs from what is advising the WHO and the US Agency for International Development: namely, the use of DDT in developing countries to cope malaria and insect-related illnesses.

Source: http://www.lavanguardia.com/medio-ambiente/20131023/54391554883/contaminacion-ddt-puede-causar-obesidad-generaciones-futuras.html