Kitchen utensils, packaging etc.

Certain non-stick coatings found in kitchen equipment such as frying pans are causing concern.

utensilios de cocina

Some chemicals used in these coatings, such as perfluorinated compounds, have been linked to various health problems.

As well as this, scientific studies have linked aluminium, found in some cooking utensil and aluminium foil, to some problems.

One issue which we should be particularly aware of is regarding aluminum tins, which are used to package many foods. The interior of these tins is often covered with a thin plastic layer that, according to scientific investigations, can transmit harmful substances such as bisphenol A to the contents of the tins.

This has been shown in studies carried out across the world (e.g. Spain and the United States) with tins of various different brands and contents (e.g. tomatoes, soup, condensed milk, pork, peas, beans, artichokes, asparagus, mushrooms, peppers etc.).

Another possible source of food contamination can be the packaging of certain foodstuffs especially if they are heated and prepared still in the packaging. Particularly with thin plastic packaging, but also with recycled paper and card, hormonal pollutants can be emitted, e.g. phthalates or bisphenol A.

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