Alternatives to other household items


It is better to buy batteries with the lowest possible toxicity (preferably those which do not contain heavy metals) and to use as few batteries as possible.


Another option is to buy rechargeable batteries or to charge electrical devices using the mains supply. If you need to dispose of batteries, make sure you follow the instructions and put them in the specified containers to help prevent environmental pollution.


You should also use less toxic glues (e.g. water-based) and take similar care with other items e.g. correcting fluids. If you can, swap certain felt-tip pens and markers for more natural pencils. Make sure that any items that children might bite or put in their mouths, e.g. rubbers, do not contain harmful compounds e.g. phthalates.


For use in your home, candles made of natural beeswax are better than those made of synthetic materials.