A survey on pollution exposition while pregnancy relates it to the minor weight in newborns

A European research analyzed the statements of 74.000 women from 12 countries, and it confirms the connection between the exposition to air pollution and the newborns suffering minor weight. The Epidemiologic Environmental and Investigation Center says that dangers exist even far beyond of the fixed level fixed by the EU: 25 micrograms per m3. Toxic substances contained in the air are particularly harmful and these belong especially to urban centers. The researches, leader by Creak and by Inserm de Grenoble fixed the average weight at 2.5 kilograms after 37 gestation weeks. Pollution is ore danger for a pregnant woman.

Source. http://www.europapress.es/salud/noticia-estudio-relaciona-sobreexposicion-contaminacion-embarazo-peso-bebe-nacer-20131015111217.html?utm_source=boletin&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=usuariosboletin