Toxic milk and wipes: babies at risk

The French consumers’ advocacy organization UFC-Que Choisir declares that some wipes used for babies’ hygiene and some dried milks for newborns could be very harmful, because of their content in endocrine disruptive chemicals (EDCs). Children at an early age are very vulnerable to toxic substances, and their development could be jeopardized with them.

UFC-Que Choisir had 27 wipes and 7 dried milks tested (all products of very popular firms). It turned out that the 94% of the products analyzed had toxic substances in it: 12 wipes and 2 milks. These chemical substances are potentially very harmful to the reproductive and endocrine systems of the baby exposed. What’s particularly bad of these items is that they can deliver their noxious contents for an extended amount of time on the baby’s irritated skin, increasing the effect.

The French advocates urge the European Commission to act now in defense of at least the most vulnerable consumers: our children. They invite consumers to do not trust famous brands and to prefer a more simple way to clean their babies, notably the “water and soap” solution. They also demand the Commission to act and the producers to stop using such substances and to test them before employment.