The WHO declares that air pollution is one of the mayor causes for cancer

The World Health Organization, though its research department (the International Agency for Research on Cancer), just updated the list of the most influent environmental factors contributing causing cancer. Now also air pollution is reveled to be an influent element for some cancers, such as the lung and the bladder cancer. 

The WHO states it clear: in 2010 air pollution provoked 223.000 deaths for lung cancer. The most of this pollution comes from transport (public and private) and industrial and farming production.

The respiratory and the cardiac systems see themselves very affected by air contamination, especially in densely populated areas of recent urbanization: this is the case of many developing countries, such as China.

According to the IARC conclusions, air pollution can be risky to our health exactly in the same way that asbestos, plutonium, UV radiation, silica dust and smoking are. This is not the first time that air contamination is seen as dangerous as diesel engine emissions, solvents and metal dusts, but it is the first time that it is considered a cancer causing agent.